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Brew House Salt [E-Juice]

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Brew House Salt [E-juice] offers a unique coffee-inspired flavour in convenient 30ml bottles. Perfect for morning brew lovers, this delicious e-juice provides the satisfying taste of your favourite morning pick-me-up without the caffeine fix. Enjoy this flavour with satisfaction and without the jitters!

Savor the rich and smooth taste of coffee with Brew House E-Juice. This premium quality e-liquid brand features 5 coffee inspired flavors for a delicious and satisfying vaping experience.
Caffe Del Latte - Dbl Dbl 
Caramello Macchiato - Caramac 
Latte Bruciato - Brulee'd Hot 
Mocha Bianco - W. Chc Hot 
Mocha Nocciola - Hazel Hot