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Our Team

Welcome to Futuristic Vapes Team Page!  Our experienced and knowledgeable vape experts are ready to help you with all your vaping needs.  Whether you are a novice or pro, we have the knowledge, stock, and personnel to help.

Neil & Vinita are the founders of Futuristic Vapes! Bringing to you 7+ Years of vaping knowledge that they continue to grow everyday with our ever-growing industry.

Founded in 2015, Futuristic Vapes continues to grow into your favorite vape shop, with over 60+ lines of different E-Liquids and over 20+ highly notable brands of devices/hardware. 

Futuristic Vapes brings the future of Vaping to you. We specialize in vapes of all kinds! We have the finest service and a wide selection of E-Juices and Vapes. 19+