COVID-19: How is Futuristic Vapes working to safely serve you?

Futuristic Vapes COVID-19 Employee & Customer Safety Guidelines 

(Updated May 19, 2020 / Effective Immediately) 

Key Points: 

  • Customers are limited to (3) in our premises at a time.
  • Final Sale Policy
  • Social Distancing Markers in store, please follow! 
  • Regular Business Hours are back to normal, to spread out shopping times, and reduce line-ups. 
  • Customers who are unwell are advised to stay at home and use our delivery methods instead. 
  • Employees must wash their hands, and sanitize all contact points after every transaction. 
  • Absolutely No Sampling, Handling of Products, and/or Vaping in our premises. 
  • Recommend Customers to use In-Store Pick-Up as an option, to speed up the process and ensure Social Distancing is taking place. 
  • Advisory to use contact-less payments, "tap" or "e-transfer"; cash is still accepted. 



At Futuristic Vapes, we highly believe in keeping our patrons and our staff as safe as possible. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have adjusted our Health & Safety Policy to further meet the needs of safety, caution, and to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. In this guideline, we will discuss changes made in our store(s) with regards to Customer Interactions, Shipping, Receiving and other operation procedures. With guidance from British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, we have built our guidelines to meet the criteria required in order to safely operate during this pandemic.  

What does this mean? 

Futuristic Vapes has updated how we serve you safer. We want to ensure our employees are safely serving you, and also staying safe themselves. Below is a couple points to help you understand what our employees at Futuristic Vapes will be doing to ensure your peace-of-mind and safety: 

  • Employees will be sanitizing their hands, all contact points and door knobs/handles after each transaction. 
  • Employees will be required to report their well-being and health to management; employees who are unwell will be asked to self-quarantine in accordance to the Provincial PHO's guidance. 
  • Employees will not be handling customers products such as: Changing coils, handling e-juice to fill, diagnosing products, etc. 

Customers (Patrons):  


The Health & Safety of patrons at Futuristic Vapes is a priority, however to ensure a safe environment for our employees and patrons alike, we have adjusted our policies. Customers are notified of changes through signage in our store(s), storefronts, online marketing, and via e-mail.

To enhance our service, we will continue with in-store pick-ups, you can either call us to place your order, or place your order on our website and we will have your order ready for pick-up ASAP! This reduces waiting times, and speeds up your transaction so we can help everyone in a timely manner. 

Patrons of Futuristic Vapes must at all times while in our premises:  

  • Follow Social Distancing Markers within our premises. 
  • Refrain from entering our premises if they feel sick or unwell. 
  • Respect and abide by Social Distancing rules in place, keeping a distance from other patrons and employees. 
  • Consider using PPE such as gloves and masks.  
  • Consider using Contact-less payment methods as listed above 
  • Abide by our updated guidance on customer limitations/interactions in our premises at a time (3 Patrons permitted at a time)  
  • Consider using other methods of service such as “Delivery or In-Store Pick Up” for their next visit.  


Considering the guidance listed above, Futuristic Vapes believes we are following the proper procedures to operate in a safe, and healthy manner for both patrons and employees. This guidance may be updated in accordance to any changes made by British Columbia’s Health Authority.  

 While we understand some of these measures being taken may come off as "extreme", we are doing the best we can do to serve you better and safely! We are hoping that these measures will be lifted soon, we will keep you updated here as things change. We would like to thank you for your support during these hard times, and we wish for all of our customers to stay safe during these hard times. 


If there are any questions and/or concerns with these guidances mentioned, please feel free to reach out to us directly!